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Why is porn an issue for schools?

Schools increasingly are required to respond to incidents relating to explicit sexual imagery. There is a growing awareness in many schools of the ways in which the pervasiveness and influence of explicit sexual imagery can undermine students’ healthy development.

Things to know about porn and young people

Many adults are unaware of how pervasive pornography has become, the nature of the material young people see, or how it is affecting young people’s sexual understandings and experiences. In order to assist young people to navigate this new reality, parents, schools and community organisations must first understand the issues.


How can schools address pornography’s influence?

The most effective approach to addressing porn’s influence – or any of the many other issues affecting students’ wellbeing – involves collaboration between schools, parents and the broader community.

Why are schools important places to address porn?
Porn is here and it’s here to stay. In order to equip students for a healthy, fulfilling life in the 21st century, schools must address porn’s influence.