60-90 percent

What’s the issue?

It seems that porn’s everywhere. It’s really easy to access – even when you’re not looking for it! And it’s accepted that lots of people use it, particularly guys, but also some girls. But, while it might seem cool or exciting or turn you on sexually, porn is not reality, and it can impact in a range of ways that aren’t all good – like what you expect sex to be like, what turns you on, and how you think about men and women…

What’s good sex? Sex can be awesome. But it isn’t always. In fact, for quite a lot of people it isn’t great. So, if porn doesn’t show what great sex might be like, what sorts of ingredients might make for really sexy sex?


So, what now? There are lots of reasons to think that porn is not great, but it’s pretty common for people to use it and to expect others to – especially guys. So, what are your options?

Getting support: If you think watching porn – or someone else’s use of porn – has impacted on you in ways you don’t like, or you feel upset, worried or hurt by anything you’ve seen, you don’t need to deal with it alone.