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‘My pre-service sexuality education teachers argue that, although confronting and challenging, exploring the impact of access to violent and sexist pornography on young people is essential to supporting students to build respectful relationships. They maintain that their learning with It’s time we talked is one of the most powerful undergraduate educational experiences they have had. Importantly, it has built their capacity to include strategies to address these issues with secondary school students.’

Dr Debbie Ollis
Senior Lecturer in Health and Physical Education
Discipline Coordinator Health and Physical Education
Faculty of Arts and Education
Deakin University

It’s time we talked can support school leaders, teachers and wellbeing staff to address the influence of pornography with their student and parent communities.

In The Picture

In The Picture is a resource that supports secondary schools to develop a whole school approach to addressing the influence of explicit sexual imagery that is tailored to their unique community and context. Find out more.

Consultancy support

It’s time we talked can support schools to develop and implement a tailored plan to address these issues across the school context, including in policy, curriculum and parent and community partnerships. Find out more.

Training for teachers and wellbeing staff

Our specialist training for teachers and wellbeing staff builds their knowledge, confidence and comfort to address these issues sensitively in the classroom and wellbeing contexts. Find out more.

Parent education

We can support you to educate your parent community about the issues and how your school is addressing them. Find out more.